There is medicine in your pain.

Light shines ever brighter through the darkness.

Reveal the Mystery of Love.

My loves,

We exist on earth which means we dance in the fabric of duality. Our experience is designed to be weaved with light and darkness; pain and joy; expansion and contraction. 

Your pain is a catalyst for you to come back home. To yourself. To your wisdom.

Every single part of you is absolutely breathtaking. You can alchemize your pain into personal power and allow your light to shine ever brighter through the cracks in your heart.

Take me Deeper.

Hello Beautiful Soul,

My name is Nikki.

Like many of you, I was born into a world where I didn’t feel safe, and I experienced a lot of pain growing up.

Each of these moments have been a profound teacher. 

I learned that my troubling circumstances actually had something to offer me. From the depths of my grief I found joy, wisdom and strength.

Today, I bow in tender hearted devotion to the healing journey. I lead others down the path of opening to infinite love, even through the darkest hours. 

I want to know you more.

Are you yearning to go deeper?

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Feel Pray Love Podcast

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