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Episode 73: Transforming Shame into Power with Shoshanna Raven


In this episode of the Feel Pray Love Podcast, our host Nikki Sunshine invites guest, Shosh on to talk about feminine leadership, how to heal our relationship with money, how to turn shame into our super power, how to have a powerful relationship, and more.

-Nikki is tapping into the pure full hearted devotion to the divine, taking her to all of her next steps
-She invites listeners to visit the Patreon to support the show and the team keeping this podcast alive
-Nikki also invites listeners to a fun giveaway
-To enter, leave a review on iTunes, take a screenshot, email to [email protected] and then she will pick a winner within one week of a release of this episode
-Winner will receive access to one of the courses, a one-on-one session, etc

Shoshanna Raven
-She is a teacher, Business and Leadership Coach
-In 2015 she left corporate America for a one-way ticket to India
-She ended up launching her podcast, Living Brave
-Living Brave grew from $0 to $600,000 in one year
-The goal is to break shame and stigmas

Pain as a Superpower
-Shosh had been traveling as a digital nomad for a year and a half in Nepal, doing journalism and got really sick
-She was told she had Typhoid even though she had just had her shot for it
-She went to the internet and online forums and found out she has an STD, genital herpes
-She was devastated and felt this death for her sexual life
-She went through mourning and loss and then realized that she was more than that
-There is something that makes you feel less than when you have an STD
-“Shame becomes a source of power” - Shosh

Embracing Vulnerability
-Shosh went on a vulnerability spree
-She first sought out what made her most vulnerable and scared
-The world is always matching you, so the question is, ‘who do I get to become?’
-This is identity work
-“The more that shame lives in the dark, the more power it has over you” - Shosh
-Taboos are here to keep us misinformed and disempowered
-“I can be in process AND help others in their healing” - Shosh
-We are not perfect and we get to be of service at the same time

Our Relationship with Money
-The way that we can reframe money and health is in a place of neutrality
-Money and our relationship with money is an energy based process
-It ties in deeply and is reflected by our personal energy
-One way to break the stigma to the discomfort with money is to experience the pleasure of letting money move in a circulating, life-giving way
-Business is a sacred ceremony with money
-You can’t feel guilt and shame around being abundant
-One of the biggest fears around becoming a boss, CEO, etc is having a negative impact on our relationships with our partner
-The larger the space is to hold, it's not about the weight of holding a larger container for people, it's about illuminating our light brighter and brighter
-It doesn't have to feel like this element of sacrifice, it can be an AND conversation
-“There are definitely points on my journey where I have lost my internal validation system, and I somehow confused my offer with myself, it does become a personal spiritual growth journey” - Shosh
-Nikki mentions that starting a business provides service, freedom, and growth
-“It's so important to be with someone who meets you in your power” - Shosh

Final Thoughts
-Shosh is here for anyone who knows that when they speak their truth, the world is a better place because of it

Shoshanna’s Links
-Instagram: @soshanna_raven
-Website: shoshannaraven.com/

-Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store
-Website: www.nikkisunshine.info
-Instagram: @heartwombhealing
-Email: [email protected]

Episode 72:

The Ethical Responsibility of Our Own Healing


In this episode of the Feel Pray Love Podcast, our host Nikki Sunshine delves into how our energy, whether it holds anger or love, creates a ripple effect throughout life. She explains how important our ethical responsibility we have in our own healing truly is in order to change the world.

The Ripple Effect of our Energy
-Nikki has been asking God, the Universe, Source, these big, heavy questions
-She participated in ceremony and received downloads, answers to her questions
-To perpetuate love is to continue to focus on our own healing
-“It is an ethical responsibility to prioritize our own healing” - Nikki
-“To harbor darkness within is to change your aura, the energy that we radiate, changes the world” - Nikki
-Every single thing we do has many ripples of effect, even if we can’t see it, this is the butterfly effect
-Nikki walks us through a story of how the butterfly lives in our life, how anger and pent up darkness can lead step by step through different circumstances through life
-When someone cuts you off in traffic, you have options. You can respond with anger, then you hold the anger, and you multiply that anger by keeping it rolling
-Or, you can smile and wave and change their day, then you feel happy about changing their day and go to multiply that kindness and keep that ball rolling
-This is how we change the world

Changing the World Through Our Own Healing
-Continuing to focus on our own healing is how we change the world
-“If more people on this planet were living in a state of harmony, and love and forgiveness, we would see a different world reflected on the outside” - Nikki
-“How can I take the energy I would be using to fight against something, and stand for something?” - Nikki
-“We can use the system as a means for distracting ourselves from our own healing” - Nikki
-Any unresolved wound within us, any thing were not willing to go into, comes through in the way we show up in the world
-We have to acknowledge our dark parts, and we must prioritize our own healing, or else we should not 

hold space for anyone else
-Nikki invites us to channel resources and time and energy into our own healing

-Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store
-Website: www.nikkisunshine.info
-Instagram: @heartwombhealing
-Email: [email protected]

Episode 71 - Grief, Death and Loss as Messengers

Episode 71 - Grief, Death and Loss as Messengers

In this episode of the Feel Pray Love Podcast, our host Nikki discusses death and grief. She explains how grief is a messenger and how death is just as much of a beginning as it is an ending.

Our Dear Friend Grief
-“Its through the cave of the dark mouthed goddess that I emerge with more light shining through my scars. It is in the darkest hours that I am granted the deepest wisdom” - Nikki Sunshine
-“The more medicine she receives, the more she has to give”
-Nikki asks us to let in our grief and pain and to let it take us deeper and crack us open
-Death is the same energy of transformation, death is just alchemy
-It's important to become comfortable with death, okay with transformation
-In the West, people tend to cringe when we hear of death, they tend to contract
-In the East, people tend to see the beauty in death, they view death as a part of life
-Where Nikki lives now, she sees the women and children bathing and preparing their elders for burial after death, death is weaved into their lives at a young age
-“Death is as much of a beginning as it is an ending”
-Beneath the grief of losing someone, Nikki says that she has this trust in it
-“Let the heartbreak break you open” - Nikki Sunshine

Final Thoughts
-Allow grief to open you
-Let heartbreak take you deeper
-You may never feel the same as you did before your loss, and that is okay
-Grief and death are a transformation point, if you feel the same after loss, it's possible you didn't open up to the medicine that the experience had to offer
-Grief is a messenger, ask and listen

“Healing through feeling” - Nikki Sunshine

Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store
Website: www.nikkisunshine.info
Instagram: @heartwombhealing
Email: [email protected]

Episode 70 - Embracing and Appreciating Our Darkness

In this episode of the Feel Pray Love Podcast, our host Nikki tells her story of immense amounts of darkness and sadness that she experienced in her childhood. With her story, she explains the importance and meaning of darkness and why we shouldn't run from it, but instead embrace it.

Intro Announcements
-Nikki announces she will be leaving her home in Bali in about a month
-“When I follow my guidance, I’m living in alignment with my purpose” - Nikki
-She will be traveling to Istanbul, Turkey, meditating in caves with a group and then moving on for her own exploration from there

-Nikki shares that she was born backwards in the birth canal, and was suffocated as she came earth side
-When she turned 2, her father had a work accident
-He was electrocuted working on telephone lines, and suddenly passed away
-Nikki's mother, with 3 children, was presented with the news
-This is where Nikki’s childhood darkness began
-Her mother turned to alcohol and pills
-“For those who have grown up with an alcoholic parent or guardian, you become very empathic because you feel like you have to attune to their mood” - Nikki
-Her family had an intervention and her mom was sent to rehab
-Her mom came back, but then eventually fell back into her addiction
-Nikki turned to sports to cope with her traumas
-She then began partying with drinking, drugs, music, etc
-When she was in her early 20’s, her nightmare was going to become her reality
-Her mother had been found on the floor of her kitchen and was admitted into the hospital spending days and days there
-Nikki held her mother in her arms as she took her last breath

-Nikki went through massive amounts of grief
-“Losing her was the wound that was so deep, that no bandage could cover it” - Nikki
-Looking back, Nikki says she couldn't be more grateful for this experience
-Nikki describes her mothers passing as her darkest night
-She says she is an advocate for the darkness
-“We can trust the darkness” - Nikki

-So many spiritual communities talk only about the light and the love
-“I don't want to turn my sadness into joy, the medicine is in allowing myself to feel the sadness and allowing myself to embrace the sadness, the pain, the fear, and letting it flow through me.” - Nikki
-By not immediately turning the sadness into joy, we allow the sadness to pass through and not get stuck in our bodies
-“When my heart breaks, I feel sadness, and I'm okay with that now” - Nikki
-“Light shines more brightly through the cracks of darkness” - Nikki
-Feeling through our emotions is just a part of the dance
-“As deep as I allow myself to experience my pain, my darkness, is the same level of depth I am able to experience joy” - Nikki Sunshine
-“Your light is shown ever brighter, when it is shown through the cracks of the darkness” - Nikki Sunshine

-Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store
-Website: www.nikkisunshine.info
-Instagram: @heartwombhealing
-Email: [email protected]

Episode 69- Healing the Parent Wound through Forgiveness

In this episode of the Feel Pray Love Podcast, our host Nikki talks about healing the parent wound, why it's so hard to forgive our parents, as well as the power and importance of forgiveness.

Hard to Forgive
-How do I forgive my parents?
-“Forgiving my mom was the most liberating journey I ever went on” - Nikki
-We are all on our own journey
-Why is it so easy to forgive everyone else for hurting us except our parents?
-“The wounds that were created when we were children with our parents, were created in the context of a codependent relationship” - Nikki
-As children, we needed to be codependent
-As adults, if a friend or a partner doesn't align with us, we can choose to walk away
-As children, we don't have the option to walk away from our household
-“The only person stopping me from having a relationship with my mom was me” - Nikki
-We think we can change our parents, and we cannot
-“What is love if it's not accepting someone as they are?” - Nikki
-As Nikki began to find a better understanding of her mothers pain, she was better able to forgive her

-We've come here to go through difficult shit, pain, and loss, but those experiences are actually opportunities
-“When you learn to be okay with the darkness, this understanding strengthens naturally” - Nikki
-That same principle applies to our experiences with our parents
-Forgiveness doesn't mean that were excusing or accepting the behavior that caused us trauma
-“Forgiveness is about liberation of the self” - Nikki

Final Thoughts
-Examine the expectations you've created around forgiveness
-Nikki says she began thanking her mother, instead of picking her apart
-She challenges us to thank our parents for something the next time we talk to them

Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store
Website: www.nikkisunshine.info
Instagram: @heartwombhealing
Email: [email protected]

Episode 68- Healing the Wounded Masculine and Feminine and Becoming Whole

In today’s episode, our host Nikki talks about the way in which we attract our partners. She talks about wholeness and healing our wounded inner masculine and feminine to attract what we want in a partnership.

-Masculine energy is the energy of consciousness, Female energy is the energy of love and life
-“Wholeness is the full embodied integration of the duality that lives within us” - Nikki
-Duality is the understanding that both the masculine and feminine are within us
-Then we learn to heal the their imbalanced nature
-Wholeness is finding the ratio for masculine and feminine that works best for you

Hyper (Wounded) Masculine and Feminine
-The manifestation of the hyper-masculine (wounded masculine) looks like a denial to slow down and listen to the body
-Historically, women relied on receiving from the masculine, which is a manifestation of the wounded feminine
-Then with the women’s movement in the West, women started to take place in work, and own their boundaries
-Women started to set goals, bring their visions into reality, etc
-“Women don't know how to just be, they don't know how to fully relax” - Nikki
-For men, they stopped feeling safe enough to cry

-“If I am not whole, I will attract a person that is the reciprocal of me, because when we come together, we become whole” - Nikki
-When you attract someone who is whole, they have the masculine and the feminine within them balanced
-When someone is whole, they are going to attract a whole person
-“We will attract what we are not embodying so we can feel full” - Nikki
-This is why for so many people, losing a partner can feel like death
-Losing a person in relationship can feel like you're losing a part of yourself
-The questions are, “how do we attract that which we want in a partner?” and “how do we attract that which we want in our partner”
-Do not tell anyone how to be
-“We attract that which we want by how we show up” - Nikki
-“When you get emotional, how do you stay grounded in those times? -How does your inner masculine show up for your inner feminine, in order for you to feel safe within your own body?” - Nikki

Final Thoughts
-Nikki announces her opening up of 1 on 1 sessions
-She only has space for 3
-If you are interested, email her at [email protected] with the subject line: 1 on 1 work inquiry

Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store
Website: www.nikkisunshine.info
Instagram: @heartwombhealing
Email: [email protected]

Episode 67 - Healing Trauma Wounds to Share our Feminine Gifts


In today’s episode, our host Nikki goes into depth on the feminine gift, how the masculine and feminine are expressed when unbalanced, unhealed trauma, blocks, and safety. 

Masculine and Feminine

  • “Everything is unfolding on purpose” - Nikki
  • Everyone has both masculine and feminine, that is the truth of duality
    • You cannot have darkness without the light, you cannot have masculine without the feminine:
  • Those who embody both masculine and feminine evenly, may feel like both aspects are at war
    • There is nothing wrong with that
    • But it usually indicated an imbalanced masculine and/or feminine
  • “My inner masculine creates a safe container for my feminine to express, and my feminine brings color and life into the simplicity and silence of the masculine, and that is wholeness”                                                                                                                         - Nikki
  • The Feminine Gift
  • The feminine is primarily experienced through the body
  • The female body is an oracle to feel the energy that moves through everything
  • “Her body is an oracle between the seen and the unseen world” - Nikki
    • This oracle is a gift to the entire world
    • Many women who were raised in the West have learned to quiet this oracle
  • We have probably experienced trauma where we have been told we are too much
  • The feminine gift is to feel the energy in any moment, and respond to that feeling with her body
  • “The mind can lie, the body cannot lie”


Unhealed Trauma

  • When we don't heal our trauma, we have a wound from it, and that affects how we experience the world
  • “When we have unhealed trauma, it unconsciously determines the experiences we have in the world” - Nikki
  • Present moments trigger the past all the time



  • What blocks so many women from utilizing this gift?
  • Most feminine beings have trouble expressing themselves
  • People pleasing is a common expression among those who have troubles expressing themselves
  • “Fake kindness is not love, truth is love” - Nikki 



Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store

Website: www.nikkisunshine.info

Instagram: @heartwombhealing  

Email: [email protected]

Episode 66 - Releasing Control to Relax and Receive

In today’s episode, our host Nikki, talks about letting go of our need to control. She goes into detail on the need to feel safe, the ebb and flow of life, and getting unstuck from our control patterns.


  • When we release control, we actually get what we were seeking out of control
  • The moment Nikki meets someone, she knows if they are stuck in control patterns
  • The person seeking something from control is tight, rigid, closed
  • These control patterns cause destruction in their relationships, works, etc
  • “The idea that you can or will have any control over your life is an illusion” - Nikki


Ebb and Flow of Life

  • Nikki says that life will never be stagnant and easy, she knows that for her evolution, life must stir 
  • Life ebbs and flows, and once you realize that, you'll learn to ease in to life’s unexpected moments



  • Control comes from a place of fear and from a place of not feeling safe
  • “You cannot begin to heal, or open, or soften, or surrender, if you are inherently feeling unsafe in your body.” - Nikki
  • One thing that happens when you don't feel safe, you start to feel controlling
    • You start to think that by keeping things under control, then you can relax
    • But you will be able to relax when you feel safe
  • In this space of control, you're going to find everything to be difficult
  • Control is what stops you from being able to relax
  • “Why would you want to control anyway? Do you really think that you will do a better job at our life than our creator?” - Nikki
  • “Do you actually believe that you are more equipped to guide yourself toward a life that is in alignment with your soul, than the force that created us?” - Nikki


Letting go of Control 

  • Control has an aura of tightness, rigidity, etc, and when you are controlling, you carry that aura with you through the world
  • The feminine, is open, tender, surrendered 
  • When we release control, we are open, we are a magnetic to all of our desires
  • In order to release control, you must feel safe. It all starts with safety
  • “Deciding to let go of my need for control, was the most profound experience of my life” - Nikki


  • Portal for Embodiment of healing
  • A 5 week group program for women 
  • This isn't a mindset course, it won't teach you the law of attraction, because you already ARE the law of attraction
    • This is an embodiment course



Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store

Website: www.nikkisunshine.info

Instagram: @heartwombhealing  

Email: [email protected]

Episode 65 - Recognizing How Thoughts Impact our Beliefs, Emotions and Embodiment

In today’s episode, our host Nikki, talks about how our thoughts, turn into beliefs, and manifest in our body as emotions, which are then embodied and projected outward as our aura. She talks about how important it is to feel safe, recognizing our thoughts so we can embody positivity to attract what we deserve.


She spent so many years believing the life that she has now wasn't possible for people like her

“We are designed to magnetize anything” - Nikki



  • “Your thoughts affect your life” is something Nikki has been told her whole life. But, changing her thoughts, hasn't always changed her life.
  • There is a reason affirmations don't work, mindset changing does not work
  • Thoughts don't actually live in the body
    • Thoughts are very powerful, but not the whole story
    • In fact, telling someone to only have positive thoughts, is futile
  • The most intelligent leaders don't control their thoughts, they learn to choose their thoughts, and separate from their thoughts
    • They can observe their thoughts without believing in them 
  • They key is to understand our thoughts and learn to control our thoughts, instead of letting our thoughts control us



  • When we have a thought, there is usually a belief about that thought too
    • Without observer awareness, we tend to believe anything we think
  • If we wake up and think “Im a mess”, then that's what we tend to believe
    • And the belief behind that thought is “I am not lovable”



  • That belief, leads to some form of emotion, which could be sadness, pain, loneliness, etc
  • Emotion (energy in motion) lives in the body


  • When a belief, leads us to feel an emotion, we now embody that emotion
  • “My body is the bridge between the internal world and the universe” - Nikki
  • “You attract that which you are radiating” - Nikki
  • “If I have a closed and rigid aura.. I am not embodying the version of myself I need to embody, in order to receive” - Nikki
  • When we are fully whole, things come easily to us



  • Any and all healing begins with safety
  • When we don't feel safe, our nervous system goes into fight of flight in order to feel safe
  • It's important to recognize the thoughts and beliefs that trick us into believing we are not safe
  • It's not enough to say a mantra or affirmation, you have to believe it



  • Portal for Embodiment of healing
  • A 5 week group program for women 
  • This isn't a mindset course, it won't teach you the law of attraction, because you already ARE the law of attraction
    • This is an embodiment course



Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store

Website: www.nikkisunshine.info

Instagram: @heartwombhealing  

Email: [email protected]

Episode 64 - Embodying Safety to Receive Everything We Deserve

In today’s episode, our host Nikki, talks about the essence of the feminine - how women block themselves from receiving. She explains the different ways the feminine deceives herself, and how she must surrender to trust in safety, to be open to receiving all that she deserves. 


  • Feminine energy can take form in a man, a woman, a cat, a flower, it can take any form
    • There is a small percentage of those who identify as a balance between masculine and feminine
  • “When I embody my true self, life begins to work in harmony with me” - Nikki
  • Nikki says she is here to help women claim their feminine essence
  • Woman, at her very core is everything, literally everything. The experience of everything at once is the feminine. This is why those who rest in the feminine, become overwhelmed, as they experience everything so fully. 
  • The feminines deepest yearning is to be filled by the love of the masculine, coming in as love, protection, money, food, etc. The feminine is open, and always wants more depth. The masculine is always yearning for peace, nothingness, silence. 

Removing Blockages

  • As a feminine being, we are a lot, but we are not too much.
    • Today’s Transmission - “I want a lot and I am a lot” 
  • The blockage is that we make our desire for things wrong
  • Wanting it all is the genuine authentic expression of the feminine
  • When we shove parts of ourselves down, they do not go away, we just stop acknowledging that part of ourselves
  • While that block may have been influenced by society, it was made and is sustained by you. Which is great, because it means we can remove it.



  • Another pillar of the feminine essence is receptivity
  • There is no greater joy to the masculine, than watching her open fully to receive all that he has to give her
  • “The feminine loves to receive, her innate nature is to receive it all” - Nikki
  • We've been trained to think that receiving isn't good, that receiving comes with a price, we can do things on our own, etc. 
  • When we don't allow ourselves to receive, it is reflected in a much bigger way


Trusting in our Safety

  • The man, holds the container of safety (black circle) and if she really trusts him, she gets unravel into and fully fill the container
  • Surrender based trust
    • ‘I know I am protected, guided, cared for, so I trust’
  • A common expression of the wounded feminine, is the overthinking, overdoing feminine
    • This shows up as control
  • Instead of a to-do list, Nikki suggests a ‘flow’ list
  • Things don't even have to be on the flow list, they just need to call to you in the moment
  • “The reason you want to control everything is because you do not feel safe” - Nikki
  • This pattern will not change until we decide to address our safety


Final Thoughts

  • “Money is always coming, there is unlimited money, but if I don't believe that, then that belief will be reflected in the way that I relate to money” - Nikki
  • When you are open, you can receive
  • When the root is mistrust, the manifestation is control
  • When the root is trust, the manifestation is surrender


  • A 5 week group program for women 
  • This isn't a mindset course, it won't teach you the law of attraction, because you already ARE the law of attraction
    • This is an embodiment course


Her Reclamation Course: www.nikkisunshine.info/store

Website: www.nikkisunshine.info

Instagram: @heartwombhealing  

Email: [email protected]


Episode 63: The Roots of Anxiousness, Worry & Misalignment

This week Nikki delves deep into the ways in which control and constriction block us from receiving. She’ll disclose the root cause of anxiousness, worry & misalignment.

She will speak to the art of the Sacred Feminine Dance and how to create safety in our bodies so that we can open fully.

She will share her personal healing experience from 2020, when God asked her to surrender and take a leap of faith in full trust. Before this leap, Nikki was constantly riddled with anxiety and fear around money. She found herself completely unable to relax, always trapped in her controlling, rigid patterns.

She took that scary leap, and will share what happened as a result.

Leaps of faith require great trust. Because they’re not easy, that’s why it is a leap. If you had all the answers and security, no leap would be required. It would be more of a step. 


Specifically in this episode she'll touch on:

  • My personal experience with living in constriction around money 
  • My inability to attract financial abundance
  • Your relationship with money is directly related to your relationship with the masculine 
  • Control tendencies lead to lack of abundance
  • Safety as the root of control and anxiousness
  • Two ways to respond to the loving guidance of the Divine Masculine
  • How faith threatens our ego
  • The moment of decision: to follow my guidance or not?
  • Gifts from the Universe cannot arrive if you are closed 
  • Opening before you can receive
  • How Softening & Surrendering leads to abundance
  • The role of Safety in Opening yourself
  • Why it’s difficult for women to feel safe
  • The Grand Illusion of Separation
  • Why Nature is Healing for Humans
  • How changes in the Nervous System affect our feeling of safety
  • The path to deep healing


Somatic Breakthru Session: https://www.nikkisunshine.info/offers/jzpQpEEJ/checkout

Energetic Clearing: https://www.nikkisunshine.info/offers/KL6zQYzG/checkout

Episode 62: Why Emotions are Essential for Healing

Join me for another episode of the newly rebranded Feel, Pray, Love Podcast.

This week we are diving into the profound and fabulous world of emotions.

If you've ever worked with me, you know that I believe thru leaning in to our emotions (yes, even the scary ones) we can experience deep & profound healing. 

The world we live in has given the world a bad rap, and I’m here today to clear their name. I believe that when we understand the brilliance of our emotions, we can lean into loving collaborative relationship with our emotions.

In this episode I will cover:

  • Philosophies of Emotional Healing
  • The definition of Emotion
  • Physical Symptoms of Repressed Emotions
  • How Repressed Emotions Lead to Illness
  • Guided Practices to feel and move your emotions
  • Everyone is a natural born channel of wisdom- WHY you can not access your wisdom
  • The way society has trained you to ignore your emotions
  • The Brilliance of our Emotions
  • Healing through Emotions
  • Hugely important distinction: The difference between felt emotions and an experience perpetuated by a story we tell ourselves
  • The actual purpose of emotions
  • How speed an emotion moves through your body
  • What an emotion FEELS like in your body
  • First Step to becoming an Open, Trusting & Tender-Hearted Woman

Links for the show:

Energetic Clearing & Somatic Breakthru Sessions: NikkiSunshine.info/shop


Episode 61:

A Pandemic of Purpose & Possibility

December 21, 2020
Join me this week for the very first episode of the newly branded Feel, Pray, Love Podcast.
This year has been a very deep year of internal reflection, death and rebirth and creative inspiration for me. This intense 2020 energy called me to put my business and podcast on hold while i dove into the depths of myself for deep lineage & present life healing.
From that time of incubation and inward investigation, clarity around my purpose was received and this new podcast was born.
In this episode I’ll speak on this year (the pandemic, lockdowns and challenges) as a whole, sharing my personal reflections and insights. 
I’ll share the way I see all the apparent tragedy and downfall from this year as a blessing for humanity and our planet as a whole.
In this episode: 
  • How to Trust Everything
  • Softening to the painful moments
  • How we bloom through the mud
  • Trusting the mud not just the sunshine
  • How the energy of fear can affect us
  • Immediate positive effects of this pandemic
  • War AGAINST instead of movement FOR
  • My intimate experience with death in 2016
  • Eastern Philosophy & Relationship to Death
  • Relaxing into Death
  • Fear of death leads to separation
  • Supporting what you believe in
  • Realignment with your truth
  • Living in Integrity
  • Broken systems being brought to the surface so we can recreate
  • The Purpose of coronavirus
  • The Possibilities that are available from coronavirus
  • Clearing your channel by moving repressed emotions thru your body
  • The Power of Surrender
  • The invitation to feel our pain fully
  • What is Emotional Alchemy

  • Why would you want to fee your pain?

  • Rise instead of crumble in shame

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Outro Music: Love Letter by Lily Fangz Migrane Mixtapes Volume 1. Listen to the full song and album here

Episode 60- Working with your Inner Critic instead of Against Her

In this weeks episode I sharing insights about how to work WITH your Fear/Anger/Inner Critic/ Grief instead of against it.

I will explore ways you can lead into your Inner Voice (aka the "Inner Critic").

In doing so you will notice her voice gets quieter...

The inner voice that says you're not enough... the inner voice that says you'll be alone forever... the inner voice that says you're ugly and worthless and too much for anyone to handle.

That Inner Voice.

You may have noticed in your own life that trying to get rid of this voice doesn't work, over the long term. You may experience moments that feel blissful in this voice's absence...but it always comes back and sometimes stronger.

There's a way to work with this (worthy) part of you wherein the voice gets quieter and becomes integrated into your being, instead of resisted and magnified.

What's the 'trick' for working with this part of you? Join me in this week's episode to find out.

I'll be sharing powerful insights and practical tools to work with this part of you.

PS- This 'inner critic' exists in all of us. Even Oprah and Tony Robbins. You are not alone or broken.

Episode 59- Genuine Self Acceptance & Authentic Expression

This week I'm diving DEEP, sharing the insights that have come up for me during this deeply transitional and confronting time on the planet.

For many of us, our core wounds are being lifted to the surface. The invitation nestled in this moment is to be present with and face our deepest insecurities and fears.

And to recognize that ALL parts of you (including your fear, your sadness, your anger) are worthy and beautiful.

I'll talk about:
- Why more yoga and meditation won't make you englightened
- How to lovingly accept the wounded and painful parts of yourself
- Why genuine self acceptance leads to the ability to freely & authentically express yourself
- What to do when these challenging parts of you arise
- How to feel truly FREE in your own skin

Juicy deets about Free to be Me Program:

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Jocelyn's Instagram: @your.medicine.woman
Katie's Instagram: @katie_blair

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Episode 58- Why He Doesn't Show Up when you Ask

This weeks episode was inspired by a recent phone call with a dear friend.

This week I talk about why he isn't showing up for you, even when you ask him to.

Why he doesn't show up for you in the way you would show up for him.

And I'll unpack why sometimes, your requests might even be met with a snarky response or no response at all. What's going on here? I'll dive into all the nuances in this week's episode.

Hint Hint: Once you actually understand the mechanics of what's occurring, it all makes a lot of sense and becomes quite simple!

Episode 57- Moving Forward with Love From A Painful Separation

This week I'm sharing about my recent personal experience with a painful and unexpected separation from my family here in Bali.

It was through this experienced that I realized that Separating with an Open Heart from a painful and unexpected relationship is a different experience than Separating Openly from a relationship that ended mutually or expectedly.

So, I'm sharing 5 Tips & Practices I've been using that have helped me to remain Open, Present and grounded in the Essence of Love during this often times challenging experience.

I hope this episode you out there, who has ever faced an unexpected and possibly painful separation from a person, a job, a home, a life, or any other alike.

Episode 56- How to create a Relationship that is Truly Loving, Open & Free (For ALL Relationship Types)

Anyone who engages in Romance & Relationship will benefit from listening to this episode.

This is NOT an episode only for polyamorous dynamics. This is an episode for monogamy, polyamory and anything in between.

Creating a Relationship that is centered around Authentic Expression, Personal Freedom and Real Love will provide a safe & nourishing space for deeper and more connected intimacy to blossom.

Today I will share the PILLARS of what I call a "Freelationship." A Freelationship is a blueprint, providing you with a potent foundation for any relationship that will invite in vibrancy, delicious connection and authenticity for the long run.

As always, I will share personal and vulnerable experience from my own life that demonstrate why and how I came to believe that THESE six pillars are the keys to creating the most epic and incredible love ever.

Episode 55- Relational Medicine amidst a World-Wide Epidemi‪c

This week, I touch deeply into the state of the world and share my perspective on what we (as a collective) are being invited into.

I call this the Real Love versus Real Fear invitation.

I'll share a bit of my own, personal experience navigating the mysterious dynamics and frequencies that have shown up as a result of this World Wide Epidemic.

Simultaneously, I will share four practical and literal ways I believe we (as individuals and collectively) have the choice right now to show up in in the frequency of Real Love or Real Fear.

And finally, I will talk about how I have been transmuting the heaviness or deep feelings of Grief that show up in my system during this transitional and seemingly scary time in the world.

Read about the Beauty present in Venice, Italy Here: https://www.storypick.com/water-and-air-quality-improve-in-italy/


Episode 54- Pillars of our Freelationship & Open Hearted Separation with Warre‪n‬

This week I had my past partner and dear friend Warren on the podcast. FINALLY!

This is the JUCIEST conversation I’ve ever had on the podcast ya’ll! Warren and I share a deep conversation around thee multi-dimensional dynamics of the Freelationship we shared for almost three years.

Warren will share about what it was like to enter a relationship with me. He shares the uncomfortable, scary and challenging moments. We’ll talk about how he was feeling as I was asking him to learn the tools and communication styles I felt were important for our dynamic to flourish. He’ll share the hesitations, his challenges and his moments of profound growth and learning that he experienced during our relationship.

He shares about how what he learned in our relationship ended up affecting ALL of his other relationships: with his mom, gal pals, prospective new romantic partners and even guy friends.

Then, we transition into talking about our recent Open Hearted Separation. He shares what has surprised him about our separation, and what has inspired him about our separation. We talk about how we navigated separating with wide open hearts and ample love flowing between us. We share how we’ve been able to steer clear of an aggressive, defensive or blame-filled break up. We share ALL THE JUICY DETAILS about how we are still deeply connected to this day, though we are no longer together.

This episode is for EVERYONE, everyone to listen to. Sit back and enjoy a front row and intimate view of the beautiful and incredibly transformative Partnership I shared with this man for the past almost three years.

Episode 53- Tips For Entering The Dating Worl‪d

Tuning in with you this week to share some potent TIPS around DATING.

As a newly separated woman, I've been dipping my toes in the dating pool (stay tuned to hear why I feel NO shame about dating, 6 weeks out of my relationship with Warren.

As I delve back into the dating pool for the first time in almost 5 years, I am reminded WHY dating can feel so awkward and uncomfortable...

And of course, I've alchemized powerful ways to avoid the awkwardness in dating, and just be yourself instead.

Listen to the end to hear all THREE potent tips to help you feel empowered and authentic in your dating world.

Interested in trying that money-back guaranteed Badass Boundary Bootcamp I'm always chatting about? Do so here:


Episode 52- Should I Stay for the Growth or Should I Go‪?‬

"Should I stay in this relationship for the Growth, or should I go?"

I hear this question a lot.

As a growth person, it can be challenging to decipher when I should stay in a challenging dynamic in order to experience more growth versus when it's time to honor my personal boundary and leave.

This week I'll share a recent experience I had with this question, and how I made my decision with clarity and confidence.

I'll share my favorite ways to TUNE IN to the guidance of the Universe and receive her potent signs and wisdom. It gets JUICY ya'll!

Episode 51- Moment to Moment Fluidity In Relationship‪s

Since my separation with Warren a couple weeks ago, I've been feeling into the idea of moment to moment fluidity in all my relationships.

This week, I share a new paradigm of Relationships that continues to evolve and clarify itself as the dynamism of my experience continues to expand.

Moment to Moment Fluidity in Relationships is based on a 'moment to moment' self and joined check in: Is this relational dynamic still serving our individual Truths, Mission & Growth?

This paradigm is a far leap from what many of us have been taught to consider in the context of relationships, specifically romantic and sexual relationships. And, I feel this the most aligned and authentic type of relationship for me, as a "growth person" that I've ever considered.

As you listen, allow what resonates to resonate, and release the rest. Trust that what you absorb from this conversation is exactly what you and your nervous system are available to integrate in this moment.

Have you seen my new & hella improved website?!? Check out my latest blog post by clicking the link below: Trusting Your Body's Wisdom when your Mind has a Different Plan. I wrote this piece just days before Warren & I actually separated, though at this point I knew what needed to be done.

Read it Here: https://www.relationshipbadass.com/blog/bodymind

Episode 50:

Separating from my Partner with an Open Heart

January 29th, 2020

Join me this week for a raw exploration of my process thus far, Grieving through and Growing through my separation with Warren (my long-term partner of three years)

I will share with you many of the challenges, the moments of joy, the moments of pain, grief, slowing down, and listening.

I will share some of the daily practices and embodiment practices that have been like medicine for me.

I'll introduce the new Relational Paradigm that is coming through my system: Moment to Moment Fluidity in Relationship.

And most of all, I'll talk about why I believe Separation with an Open Heart is one of the most nourishing and powerful way to redefine a relationship.

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Episode 49:

Embodying Badassary with Autumn Smith


January 8th, 2020

This week I bring one of my Badass Babes on the show to share about her experience working in a 1-on-1 coaching container with me for 6 months.

If you've ever been curious about what coaching is, when it would be appropriate, what it could do & how it might serve....get cozy and dive into this episode!

We hold nothing back!! Autumn and I talk about:

What first drew her to coaching in general
How she new it was the time in her life to invest in a coach
How she knew I was the coach for her
What gave her the courage to say yes?
Challenges of working with me
Her most profound shift and transformations
Moments where she hated me (theres a few!)
Where she was then // where she is now
What it’s like to have a personal coach // wise bff
How her life is different now because of our work together

Autumns Instagram: @freeyourinnergoddess

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